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DIY transfert/etching PCBs at home

For a new project I am starting I needed to do DIY PCB using the transfert and etching method. I got a ~cheap laminator off amazon (a metal one, which was more expensive than an all-plastic but it seemed more rugged and probably more able to reach 200’C), a few litters of Ferric Chloride, cheap
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Recreating the ARP 2600 synthesizer

I stumbled upon someone blog post who did reverse on the ARP 2600, made “corrected” schematics, and PCBs images to transfert/etch. From that I started the project of building an ARP 2600 and also making it a project more modern with KiCAD. The first step of getting the schematics captured is done, intensive reviews are
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Projects status

Here is a status of the projects I’ve been working on: MFJ-929 Auto Tuner: done Got this one a few years ago and it ended up on a corner. One IC seemed dead, a 5V reg was cooking, and the PIC16 too. Replaced the three, reprogrammed a new PIC16, and the unit seems to work
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