Building a Linux 5.17-rc7 kernel for sparc32 for fun

Most of the files mentioned are available at: dashie/sparc32: Dashie’s various sparc32 things – sparc32 – Dashie’s gitea This git repository also contains a bootable gentoo-sparc-2005.0-20050413.tftpboot with a 2.x kernel, the rootfs contained into that tftpboot file has been extracted to gentoo-sparc-2005.0-20050413.initrd that you can use, without any kernel modules or newer busybox because of
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[FR] Notes: Freebox Bridge, IPv6 et Mikrotik

J’ai utilisé comme source ce post et je vais récapituler car j’ai du légèrement dévier. Récupération d’infos sur le mikrotik Récupérer l’IP “link-local” de votre WAN sur le mikrotik (ici ether1): Notre link-local coté Wan du Mikrotik est donc: fe80::de2c:6eff:fe43:c23a Configuration IPv6 sur la Freebox Aller ensuite dans l’interface puis “Paramètres de la Freebox”
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Sagem SPE5-A Telex

Managed to make the deal of the year with a telex, very good state and well preserved. I have managed to get some documentation about the SPE5 (non-A version), schematics seems a bit different unfortunately, but the manual about the principle of operation should be the same (all in French), I have backuped those files
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Home-notsohome lab setups

You can find a more up-to-date version of this article here: Common management I use Ansible for most of my management tasks: setup a new host (basic users, backup user, packages, ssh config, etc.) deployment of k8s apps management of my tinc configurations update workflow for some apps packages updates etc. I also have
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New photography development hardware

I have started to get new hardware to improve my workflow, and to be honest, makes it faster and easier. That includes a Jobo CPE2 film/paper processor, a Durst Modular 70 Micro Memory color photo enlarger, a dangerous paper dryer, various trays/easel etc.

DIY transfert/etching PCBs at home

For a new project I am starting I needed to do DIY PCB using the transfert and etching method. I got a ~cheap laminator off amazon (a metal one, which was more expensive than an all-plastic but it seemed more rugged and probably more able to reach 200’C), a few litters of Ferric Chloride, cheap
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Recreating the ARP 2600 synthesizer

I stumbled upon someone blog post who did reverse on the ARP 2600, made “corrected” schematics, and PCBs images to transfert/etch. From that I started the project of building an ARP 2600 and also making it a project more modern with KiCAD. The first step of getting the schematics captured is done, intensive reviews are
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