Projects status

Here is a status of the projects I’ve been working on:

MFJ-929 Auto Tuner: done

Got this one a few years ago and it ended up on a corner.

One IC seemed dead, a 5V reg was cooking, and the PIC16 too.

Replaced the three, reprogrammed a new PIC16, and the unit seems to work fine, all self tests passes.

Can also works as a 200W power meter on 1.8-30MHz and seems okay.

HP Spectrum Analyzer: wip

Did some more measurements that looked good, got a good frequency meter and measurements done with it seemed ok too.

I have got a TinySA to advance more into the repairs.

Mr Carlson Lab Cap tester: nearly done

Someone shared on the patreon community a ‘digital’ version of the first cap tester.

I have built it, I need to programm it and calibrate.

AOIP Calibrator: wip

Got an AOIP PJN5208 Calibrator, the logic board has many issues.
Unsoldered ICs, a cooking regulator.

I’ve found an older schematics, and got the required parts, time to reassemble everything, do some tests and see how it works.

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