DIY Rolling Cart for Durst M70 photo enlarger

I don’t have space, so I can’t put the enlarger on a fixed spot so I decided to make a rolling cart.

This is what I planned to do, using 2x2cm 1.5mm thickness square metal tubing:

The plate would be able to be screwed onto the frame, and some small pieces would make it stay in place by “locking” the rubber feets.

It would feature two shelves for storage, and an additional drawer for random things.

cutting all the pieces according to the drawings
dry-fitting the pieces to see if everything fits. and it does

And now here is how it looks. I have added rollers with locks so I can move it easily into the bathroom for use, height is perfect, stability is great even with head on the maximum height.

Drawer and shelves have still not been yet done, build was done a few months ago, but I used it a few days ago and it is working perfectly fine.

If you want to make one, here is the Fusion360 export file, and the drawing in PDF.

Uses them at your own risks etc. etc.

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