Recreating the ARP 2600 synthesizer

I stumbled upon someone blog post who did reverse on the ARP 2600, made “corrected” schematics, and PCBs images to transfert/etch.

From that I started the project of building an ARP 2600 and also making it a project more modern with KiCAD.

The first step of getting the schematics captured is done, intensive reviews are needed before continuing.

After that, making new PCBs for the modules will be a good start, maybe investigating ways to use more modern parts too (transistors, …).

Modern PCBs for the “main boards” will be done after that, still using the original module pinouts, but using more modern, and cheaper components for at least the faders.

The work in progress can be found here:

A work in progress BOM and breakdown of all costs is available here too:

As always, and specially in big and pricy projects, any help is appreciated, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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