Sagem SPE5-A Telex

Managed to make the deal of the year with a telex, very good state and well preserved.

I have managed to get some documentation about the SPE5 (non-A version), schematics seems a bit different unfortunately, but the manual about the principle of operation should be the same (all in French), I have backuped those files here:

For now I am waiting on the order of capacitors to replace all the chemical ones in the power unit, and telex itself.

Here is the list I have gathered for the SPE5-A:

REFNotesValueWVQtyAxial/RadialSpc btw legsMouser ref
red one on back1000uF63/75V1axial45mm598-108TTA080M
pcb with « deri » name470uF63V2axial50mm598-477TTA063M
Power Supply

REFNotesValueWVQtyAxial/RadialSpc btw legsdiameterMouser ref
motor start5.6uF380V1radialkept as is, not replaced
motor start1.2uF380V1radialkept as is, not replaced
on bottom back470uF25v11598-477TTA025M
In the telex itself

Some more reading or informations:

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  1. Many thanks for this page! Thanks, thanks for the manuals! that will help me for the troubleshooting of one of mine.

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