New Project: Cessna 172SP Simulator Panel

I have been wanting to do that since a long time and it’s finally time I start that project.

The end-goal is a 1:1 nearly 100% Cessna 172 SP panel working, for X-Plane.

I’ve got the panel:

Here is a rendered view of what it will be (outside enclosure) and current designed parts:

I have designed some parts, that are either working or waiting for some components for testing the prototypes:

Flaps lever (right) with notches, and indicator (left)
Master switch (double). The Bus switch will be the same, but white rockers.
Indicators (Fuel, etc.). Waiting for design of the transparent letering for vertical light separations.
A replica of the Davtron M803. Working over the X-Plane UDP interface in Wifi on a D1 Mini.

Every blocks will be connected through and a bunch of Arduinos.

Everything will be opensourced (code, STLs and original files) a bit later as soon as I can start validating stuff.


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