Elka Concorde 405 – Restoration project – 2018


As you can see in the picture, I now own this… thing.

It is in poor condition, first because it’s “for parts”, old, and UPS dropped it on the ground because they are a really nice delivery service.

The Elka makes sound, most of the LEDS doesn’t works, some (4-5) keys doesn’t works, two HP are dead, the reverb tank miss a spring, I don’t know if all features works since well, LEDs doesn’t works and some switches does works only when pressing heavily on them (they looks like classic carbon thingy with a rubber cone as a spring).

Also PCB for connectors is exploded because of the ground-drop.

This will be one of the two fun projects for 2018.

I’ve posted something here : https://sigpipe.me/blog:elka_concorde_405_received with more pictures and what’s the next steps of the project.

A new page will be created in my wiki with all informations and things I’m doing to do to it in the next days.

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