New photography development hardware

I have started to get new hardware to improve my workflow, and to be honest, makes it faster and easier.

That includes a Jobo CPE2 film/paper processor, a Durst Modular 70 Micro Memory color photo enlarger, a dangerous paper dryer, various trays/easel etc.

JOBO CPE2 film and paper processor

It’s a tempered bath with rotating tanks, I got two tanks, one for films, and a giant one for paper, I do not plan to use the paper one yet.

It also have space to put bottles of dev/fix/etc. to be tempered.

The Jobo processor was installed permanently on a shelf in my bathroom. On the right is the giant tank for paper processing.

Durst Modular 70 – Micro Memory (+ various)

A color photo enlarger with some automatic measurement capabilities, I need a test film for that, so I’m using it with the builtin timing function and the remote.

It can handle 35mm and 6×7 with the same film holder, the mixing/condenser can do both with a sliding switch.

I have a Meopta 5,6/50 lens for it.

I am planning to build a cart to be able to move it easily, and store trays/contact printer etc. with it.

yes it is very big, it looked smaller in the pictures…

Drying paper

Since I have fiber based paper I need to dry them, I acquired an old drying thing but it is absolutely dangerous.

The resistor mesh is nearly touching the case, it looks terrifyingly awful, I am in the process of sourcing a 20x30cm silicon heater pad that will safely heat the plate around 40-50°C or more.

Contact print & easel

Not received them yet.


I did get some old paper with the enlarger, perfect to try and learn the process.

Test print

I couldn’t wait getting all the hardware, so I did a test print in caffenol, could have got more exposure, but hey, it works !

6 seconds exposition with lens full open

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