Flashing an H200i(ntegrated) in IT mode

I have got the archive from https://samourai47.com/?p=133, created the boot key with freedos as explained, and did the following:

(Note: you will have a BIOS legacy with mptsas2.rom, no UEFI apparently, but I don’t uses UEFI on the servers so I can’t tell if any issue)

# Boot in UEFI to the USB key
sas2flash.efi -listall
# then write down the return of following
sas2flash.efi -c 0 -list

# Boot in legacy to the USB key
megarec .exe -readsbr 0 backup.sbr
megarec .exe -writesbr 0 sbrempty.bin
megarec .exe -cleanflash 0
# reboot

# boot in UEFI to the usb key
# don't forget after getting the shell to:
# then
sas2flash.efi -o -f H200I.FW
# reboot

# mptsas2.rom is from ./Firmware/PercH200_07.03.06.00_A09/mptsas2.rom on the key, I just copied it on the root of the key for facility
sas2flash.efi -o -b mptsas2.rom
# reboot

sas2flash.efi -o -f 2118p7.bin
# reboot

sas2flash.efi -o -f 2118it.bin
# reboot

sas2flash_p19.efi -o -sasadd 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Substitute the xx's with your cards SAS address from first step)

You can avoid flashing mptsas2.rom if you don’t plan to boot from an hdd connected to that card.

If you flash mptsas2.rom bios to the card, it should says -IT in the bios listing when booting.

I have tried that on two H200i (integrated one) in a R610 and both went flawlessly in the storage slot.

Notes from my usage and how I flashed:

I flashed from my own desktop, which is UEFI/Legacy, if UEFI is enabled on your bios you have to uses the EFI version of sas2flash.

You can’t flash from the server itself, maybe if you move the card from storage to the normal PCI-e, but just uses another computer and that’s it.

My two r610 are booting in LEGACY mode, no-UEFI, so my card doesn’t have an UEFI bios.

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